Create planned usages from work orders (cellar notes)

This feature was added in vintrace Version 6.1.5

In countries outside of USA, a Work Order is referred to as a Cellar Note. In keeping with regional terminology differences, please substitute Work Order for Cellar Note below.

The Planning schedule is only available for vintrace Enterprise subscription. For more information on the Planning schedule please click here.

You can now create planned usages directly from your transfer, extraction, multi transfers, press cycle, and bulk intake work orders to help you visually plan work on the Planning schedule console. Please click here to see a full sample on how create planned usages from your work orders for a bottling schedule, and click here for a sample fermenters schedule.

Below is a short example on how create a planned usage from a transfer work order.

Firstly, you need to create your transfer work order for your bottling tanks. Go to File menu – Work order from writer – Add job – Transfer/Rack/Blend. Enter the date/time you want to schedule the operation, and select a tank in the destination vessel.


Then click on the schedule details iconĀ planned-usage-icon beside the date.


This will bring up the Schedule details screen. Here you can provide estimates on how long you expect the vessel to be in use to help you visually plan work on the Planning schedule console.


1 Expected duration field (hh:mm) – this field allows you to enter how many hours you expect the job to last.

2 How long do you expect this product to stay in vessel (days, weeks, months, years) – the estimated duration of how long you expect the vessel to be in use. Click here to learn how you can set this field to be mandatory upon scheduling or completing jobs.

3 Advanced – brings up the Planned usage screen when you want to manually create the planned usage.

4 Planning schedule – brings up the Planning schedule console for the vessel so you can see if there are any other planned usages for the vessel.

In the example below, we have entered that the transfer task will take 8 hours, and the vessel will be in use for 8 days. Then click on the Save button.


Click on Add to work order button and then save the work order.


Go to the Planning console – View by vessel name and enter the name of your tank. A planned usage has been automatically created for your transfer work order for “Bottling tank 1” that starts on the 10th December and is 8 days long.

Important note: The auto creation of planned usages will only be for tanks on the destination side of any transfer, multi transfers, extraction, bulk intake, or press cycle jobs. For all other operations, you have to create the planned usage manually.


Clicking on the planned usage shows the transfer work order that you created.